Where NFC Meets Development

Build a visual contactless card with graphic design software you know and love.

Imagine walking into any business and showcasing something they have never seen before and getting a response like this: Wow. How do I get that for myself?

That’s the kind of undeniable service that you can offer with NFC Technology. Tapping a simple NFC card on their phone, everyone was blown away and wanted one for themselves.

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Unlimited Use

The possibilities with NFC tech are more than just Contactless Business Cards.

 [+] Create & share Contactless Digital Business Cards.
[+] Grow your Network Across Social Platforms.
[+] Capture leads.
[+] Sell any product or services, Collect payments & even manage sales.
[+] Run Campaigns for any Marketing Goal like increasing social media followers, collecting reviews & ratings, booking appointments, showing offers, and downloading apps.
[+] Get people on your Text, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, and Telegram Marketing funnel.

The best part is all this happens with Just a Tap is simple and easy to use.

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